~ Proposition

Sergej loves using his bass guitar to channel his inner thoughts into hard and heavy riffs. Sergej is keen to understand how music affects the way we think and perceive the world around us. Sergej is passionate about exploring remote natural sites, by foot, bicycle or on skis.


Tricia loves Japanese animations and music. Tricia is a huge fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Tricia enjoys café hopping.


Lucian constantly seeks new flavours and interesting places. Lucian can be found near interesting architecture, on a climbing wall, or trekking in natural marvels.


Frank has a passion for demystifying complex things. Frank enjoys helping others get out of their comfort zone. Frank loves listening to high-end Jazz recordings.


Jérôme is looking out for the next role-playing video game. Jérôme is expanding his collection of Franco-Belgian comics. Jérôme takes a break by drawing pirate ships with his sons.


Sally is the happiest in the sun. Sally believes it is never too late for coffee or too early for beer. Sally thinks 2000’s R&B is life.


Justin’s obsessed with vintage watches. Justin eats woodfire pizza every chance he gets. Justin’s always scrolling memes for the next laugh.


Gabriyel is an aspiring polymath and is passionate about the theory of everything. Gabriyel sees food as the the culmination of not just art and science, but feelings and relationships that make up our lives.


Renaud loves planting seeds in his vegetable garden. Renaud loves to challenge friends to FPS games. Renaud finds true peace when hiking in the forest or when cooking pasta for friends.


Benjamin has a passion for cooking, especially spicy vegetarian food. Benjamin plays folk guitar and likes to go to concerts.


Hyounil is a believer in cultural identity and diversity. Hyounil enjoys setting short term goals and making them happen. Hyounil loves sports, especially inline skating.


Yiling is obsessed with all things dark and macabre. When Yiling is not typographically promiscuous, she sits around with a coffee.

Yi Ling

Curious and adventurous, Serena loves exploring new places and seeing the world from other’s perspectives. Serena enjoys having hand brewed coffee under the sun, and a glass of white with the evening breeze.


Cool things we stand for

Listen, understand, challenge and translate
Relevant combined with resourceful
Deliver the unexpected
Navigate our collective journey