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Marsha loves exploring word of mouth travel destinations. Marsha enjoys discovering hidden speakeasy bars that few people know about. Marsha is dedicated to finding the best espresso martini and tiramisu in any city she visits.


Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way! Gwen’s baking philosophy in life. Gwen is a jewellery obsessed girl who can’t leave the house without being accessorised. Gwen is at many times, a perfectionist to the point of insanity!


Isaac is obsessed with numbers. Isaac grabs a beer every chance he gets. Isaac gets excited about Ethereum. Isaac goes cycling whenever he needs to unwind.


Daniel is a Nu Metal bass player. Daniel is an avid chess, E-sports and Dota player. Daniel loves Eastern Europe.


Aboli is passionate about improving the livelihood of people around her. Nothing inspires Aboli more than just listening to a real time leader. Aboli will go an extra mile just to find the perfect tasting black forest cakes.


Sare enjoys travelling. Sare loves meeting new people and trying new things. Sare is always exploring different ways to look at life.


Denise loves the outdoors; sunrise hikes & infinity views. Denise is a tastehunter, always exploring Umami secrets. Denise aspires to up her boxing game.


Imelda is passionate about fashion and beauty. Imelda enjoys a good psychological thriller. Imelda’s new-found sporting fix is boxing. Imelda loves Thai food.


Jeanne is addicted to strength training. Jeanne loves to groove to R&B and Reggaeton music. Jeanne is always intrigued by ancient history.


Dhrupad is passionate about cooking. Dhrupad loves to listen to A R Rahman music. Dhrupad looks to spend play-time with family.


Karin enjoys a good religious conspiracy novel. Karin’s Thermomix allows her to develop her culinary skills. Karin loves sports tourism, exploring the world whilst keeping fit.


Joyce loves catching sunrise and chasing sunsets, especially while travelling. Joyce is always thrilled to explore new places and finds joy in tasting good food, coffee and rosé wine.


Dahlia has no rules on what’s the ingredients while cooking. Historical buildings is her go to while Dahlia is travelling. 4×4 drive & dirt biking is what Dahlia calls FUN.


Dennis is driven by challenges. Dennis will finish an Ironman one day. Dennis is always in for a laugh. Dennis enjoyes a Belgian Triple or a good wine.


Estelle is an ambivert. Estelle enjoys experimenting with flower arrangements and hiking alone. Estelle is inspired by Mother Teresa’s quote, ‘Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin”.


Victoria is obsessed with Scandi décor. Victoria likes to run half marathons in exotic locations. Victoria can’t sit still when 70’s music is playing.


Glenn is a sneakerhead with over 72 pairs of sneakers. Glenn loves travelling to see the world and its different cultures.


Ben loves playing pool. Ben’s happy place is fly fishing in the outdoors. Ben enjoys local foods everywhere in the world. Ben has a passion for random and useless facts.


Bojana loves music & listening to Queen. Bojana is obsessed with traveling, wine and cheese. Bojana is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys being with people.


Beau has coffee running through her veins. Beau gets her kicks from lifting heavy weights. Beau almost loves sushi as much as she does a good glass of wine or G&T.


Juzailah likes keeping fit. Juzailah enjoys spin, yoga and HIIT. Juzailah has a passion for green living and attempts to recycle everything possible from bottles to clothes and even electronics.


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