~ M.A.G.I.C.

Dorcas is a sneakerhead and has a soft spot for dogs. Dorcas finds candle-making therapeutic. Dorcas loves a good cup of iced oat latte.


Neha is passionate about dogs, astrology, spicy food. Neha enjoys listening to rock and 90s pop music on repeat. Neha is a big champion of new mums in the workforce.


Ilma is a Muay Thai and fast food/sweet tooth junkie. Ilma spent her lockdown making calorie-ridden desserts! Ilma is obsessed with playing Beat Saber on her new Oculus.


Iain is passionate about golf. Iain is always searching for a place to go fishing. Iain geeks out on politics


Kenneth is a sucker for startups. Kenneth plays squash to keep moving. Kenneth finds joy in baking. Kenneth loves dogs.


Jim loves curating playlists. Jim enjoys cooking up a cracking curry and is fanatical about film. Jim can always be found in the kitchen at parties.


Lance is a big rugby fan, and has written books about it. Lance loves a good coffee. Lance enjoys boating, fishing, rainforest walks and beach holidays with family.


David is passionate about sport. All sport. David loves to cook Sunday roasts for his family. David enjoys reading a good autobiography. David dreams of running a marathon in under 4 hours one day.


Clarice is an absolute chocolate-lover, especially when paired with chick flicks and a good skincare routine. Clarice also has a soft spot for animals and secretly believes she is the next Gordon Ramsay.


Anastasia lives for jungle hikes on sunny days. Anastasia finds peace in yoga flows. Anastasia is always searching for the perfect margarita.


Sherry is a workout fanatic – boxing, running, golf, you name it. Sherry loves watching Formula 1. Sherry will inhale every dessert humanly possible – sweet tooth things.


Disha is obsessed with coffee. Disha is a sucker for rom coms. Disha designs sneakers for fun. Disha loves a good HIIT workout.


Grace is a TV and film lover. Grace loves to channel the inner baker in her with pretty bakes, especially birthday cakes. Grace cannot get enough of Korean literature.


Wan Pei is a dedicated re-thinker with a passion to save elephants in the wild. Wan Pei loves Ted Lasso and everything that comes with French Fries.

Wan Pei

Sheryl loves beach weekends. Sheryl is always up for an adventure. Sheryl constantly looks for coffee or wine. Sheryl revels in crime documentaries. Sheryl thinks soulcycle is life.


Tom is always looking to pair great food with a good glass. Tom likes to regularly cycle with friends. Tom is inspired by modern design and architecture.


Stephenie loves craft and is always looking for something new to make. Stephenie is obsessed with dogs. Stephenie can never get enough of sashimi.


Rishi is a Sneakerhead. Rishi tries new restaurants anytime he can. Rishi spends way too much time playing video games.


Tine dreams of being a Yogi in Bali. Tine’s newest passion is Bollywood movies. Tines is intrigued by natural wines. Tine thinks cheese goes with every meal.


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