~ Engineering

Christophe likes cats, pigs and corvidae. Christophe also likes dinosaurs.


Stewart builds new technology to solve people’s problems. Stewart escapes reality to fight evil in fantasy worlds. Stewart has listened to a podcast. 


Eduard is passionate about self-development and Kaizen. Eduard enjoys extreme sports like karting and water-skiing. Eduard finds peace in nature and loves animals.


Stefan cannot get enough of tinkering with Raspberry-Pis. Stefan loves the beach and has been likened to a fish. Stefan can appreciate a good Westmalle. 


Peter loves diving into science books. Peter enjoys a good science fiction story. Peter enjoys a unique tasting beer. It’s a lovely feeling when Peter builds a drone that flies.


Ben creates empires in grand strategy games. Ben loves roadtripping in Scotland and hiking in Austria. Ben loves consuming the perfect burger and pouring the perfect ale.


Suresh is a proud father. Suresh loves traveling. Suresh has a passion for farming and healthy living and eating.


Asheera likes thoughtful conversation with her partner. Asheera loves the fresh mountain air when snowboarding. Asheera loves the heat of the ocean and the Sun. Asheera loves game design and programming.


Andreea loves doing DIY home renovations. Andreea likes long hikes with her dog. Andreea loves Asian food, especially (Takumi) ramen noodles. Andreea gets into full focus when listening to lo-fi beats. 


Edmond is obsessed with linguistics. Edmond likes to grow his own herb garden for cooking. Edmond is often found making the perfect morning latte.


Gordon loves heroic fantasy universes (books, video games and comics). Gordon can spend hours exploring fictive worlds. Gordon loves learning, especially when it comes to astrophysics, cosmology and philosophy.


Ayush is a fashion enthusiast. Ayush’s favourite cuisine is sushi. Ayush is obsessed with Orange Julep. Ayush’s desire is to travel the whole world.


Corentin recently discovered padel and quickly became an addict. Corentin also loves programming and continually tries to become a better engineer by learning new skills.


Davy is moved by the magic of the great outdoors. Davy recharges his energy when cycling, both on as offroad. 


Lee is a proud father. Lee loves snowboarding. Lee has a passion for beer and creating it.


David is crazy about fast cars – racing and motorsport gives him his adrenaline rush. David loves to party hard on Defqon.1 festival.


Vincent likes to run, hike, bike and play tennis. Vincent loves a good party with friends. In the kitchen, Vincent makes the best green curry.


Niels brings Hygge into his daily life. Niels has a passion for classical music. Niels loves exploring.


Alejandro is passionate about science and its use to positively impact people’s lives. Alejandro loves CrossFit or a good trail in the mountains. Alejandro cannot stay still when Latin music is playing.


Rishik is an avid story consumer, binge watching Netflix whenever he gets the time. Rishik is a cold coffee lover and a technophile.


Hannes loves playing board games and building lego fantasy structures. Hannes likes to play arrangements of rock songs on piano or go for a run. 


Jiri’s an adrenaline addict. Jiri conquers gravity during rock climbing. Jiri has a passion for motorsport, and is often found on racing tracks driving anything that can go fast and has four wheels.


Marc has a passion for cycling. Marc enjoys sweet desserts every chance he gets. Marc gets inspired by modern architecture. 


Dieter is passionate about 3D graphics. Dieter loves to jam on the drums. Dieter finds inspiration during beautiful mountain hikes and relaxing in a good restaurant.


Marcel’s passion is making technology work for people. Marcel dreams of a borderless world. Marcel is always looking for the next dive site.


Ruben is obsessed with gadgets. Ruben dreams of being a world class pianist. Ruben enjoys playing drafting board games. Ruben likes hiking in unexplored nature. 


Nicolas is a music addict. Nicolas collects vinyl records and plays guitar. Nicolas drives an old Citroen 2CV. 


Nilan loves his gadgets. Nilan likes exploring nature – beaches, mountains and forests. Nilan is a big time foodie.


Samih loves bringing ideas to life with code and evolving his software engineering skills. Samih likes to work out on a daily basis and is deeply interested in the science of fitness.


Ibtissem is obsessed with travelling. Ibtissem digs the process of researching new destinations. Ibtissem enjoys off the beaten track hikes in the nature. Ibtissem eats sushi when she is blue.


Ahmed has a passion for hiking. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, Ahmed’s leaving his footsteps on the soft forest floor.


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