~ Brains with Trust & Ops

Kunal is a cyber-nerd. Kunal wishes to visit every place in the world at least once!


Frank has a passion for Wales. Frank loves to play golf. Frank is passionate for Real Madrid.


Nestor is a workout fanatic. Nestor is obsessed with Arsenal. Nestor loves hooping, Lakers and LBJ fan. Nestor loves music, dancing and travelling.


Sambhav loves to believe that everything is possible. Sambhav enjoys travel, street-food, sports & wit. Sambhav is thankful for coffee, speakeasys & friendships while is void of luck in fantasy-football.


Curious and adventurous, Serena loves exploring new places and seeing the world from other’s perspectives. Serena enjoys having hand brewed coffee under the sun, and a glass of white with the evening breeze.


Cool things we stand for

Fairness, equality, accountability and trust (“FEAT”)
Transparent value creation ~ share
Scalable with confidence