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Marcel’s passion is making technology work for people. Marcel dreams of a borderless world. Marcel is always looking for the next dive site.


Yiling is obsessed with all things dark and macabre. When Yiling is not typographically promiscuous, she sits around with a coffee.

Yi Ling

Estelle is an ambivert. Estelle enjoys experimenting with flower arrangements and hiking alone. Estelle is inspired by Mother Teresa’s quote, ‘Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin”.


Tom is always looking to pair great food with a good glass. Tom likes to regularly cycle with friends. Tom is inspired by modern design and architecture.


Neha is passionate about dogs, astrology, spicy food. Neha enjoys listening to rock and 90s pop music on repeat. Neha is a big champion of new mums in the workforce.


Ibtissem is obsessed with travelling. Ibtissem digs the process of researching new destinations. Ibtissem enjoys off the beaten track hikes in the nature. Ibtissem eats sushi when she is blue.


Mike loves music, art, culture and wine. Mike has a need speed. Mike loves all his family and friends.


Jiri’s an adrenaline addict. Jiri conquers gravity during rock climbing. Jiri has a passion for motorsport, and is often found on racing tracks driving anything that can go fast and has four wheels.


Christophe likes cats, pigs and corvidae. Christophe also likes dinosaurs.


Stefan cannot get enough of tinkering with Raspberry-Pis. Stefan loves the beach and has been likened to a fish. Stefan can appreciate a good Westmalle. 


Joyce loves catching sunrise and chasing sunsets, especially while travelling. Joyce is always thrilled to explore new places and finds joy in tasting good food, coffee and rosé wine.


Jeanne is addicted to strength training. Jeanne loves to groove to R&B and Reggaeton music. Jeanne is always intrigued by ancient history.


Stewart builds new technology to solve people’s problems. Stewart escapes reality to fight evil in fantasy worlds. Stewart has listened to a podcast. 


Gordon loves heroic fantasy universes (books, video games and comics). Gordon can spend hours exploring fictive worlds. Gordon loves learning, especially when it comes to astrophysics, cosmology and philosophy.


Rajesh loves listening to Rock and Alternative music. Rajesh loves developing his palette over a good whisky. Rajesh is always looking for ways to get fitter.


Lucian constantly seeks new flavours and interesting places. Lucian can be found near interesting architecture, on a climbing wall, or trekking in natural marvels.


Victoria is obsessed with Scandi décor. Victoria likes to run half marathons in exotic locations. Victoria can’t sit still when 70’s music is playing.


Curious and adventurous, Serena loves exploring new places and seeing the world from other’s perspectives. Serena enjoys having hand brewed coffee under the sun, and a glass of white with the evening breeze.


Alejandro is passionate about science and its use to positively impact people’s lives. Alejandro loves CrossFit or a good trail in the mountains. Alejandro cannot stay still when Latin music is playing.


Ruben is obsessed with gadgets. Ruben dreams of being a world class pianist. Ruben enjoys playing drafting board games. Ruben likes hiking in unexplored nature. 


Ilma is a Muay Thai and fast food/sweet tooth junkie. Ilma spent her lockdown making calorie-ridden desserts! Ilma is obsessed with playing Beat Saber on her new Oculus.


Andreea loves doing DIY home renovations. Andreea likes long hikes with her dog. Andreea loves Asian food, especially (Takumi) ramen noodles. Andreea gets into full focus when listening to lo-fi beats. 


Nicolas is a music addict. Nicolas collects vinyl records and plays guitar. Nicolas drives an old Citroen 2CV. 


Justin’s obsessed with vintage watches. Justin eats woodfire pizza every chance he gets. Justin’s always scrolling memes for the next laugh.


Kunal is a cyber-nerd. Kunal wishes to visit every place in the world at least once!


Samih loves bringing ideas to life with code and evolving his software engineering skills. Samih likes to work out on a daily basis and is deeply interested in the science of fitness.


David is passionate about sport. All sport. David loves to cook Sunday roasts for his family. David enjoys reading a good autobiography. David dreams of running a marathon in under 4 hours one day.


Frank has a passion for Wales. Frank loves to play golf. Frank is passionate for Real Madrid.


Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way! Gwen’s baking philosophy in life. Gwen is a jewellery obsessed girl who can’t leave the house without being accessorised. Gwen is at many times, a perfectionist to the point of insanity!


Nestor is a workout fanatic. Nestor is obsessed with Arsenal. Nestor loves hooping, Lakers and LBJ fan. Nestor loves music, dancing and travelling.


Niels brings Hygge into his daily life. Niels has a passion for classical music. Niels loves exploring.


Ben creates empires in grand strategy games. Ben loves roadtripping in Scotland and hiking in Austria. Ben loves consuming the perfect burger and pouring the perfect ale.


Nilan loves his gadgets. Nilan likes exploring nature – beaches, mountains and forests. Nilan is a big time foodie.


Gabriyel is an aspiring polymath and is passionate about the theory of everything. Gabriyel sees food as the the culmination of not just art and science, but feelings and relationships that make up our lives.


Peter loves diving into science books. Peter enjoys a good science fiction story. Peter enjoys a unique tasting beer. It’s a lovely feeling when Peter builds a drone that flies.


Frank has a passion for demystifying complex things. Frank enjoys helping others get out of their comfort zone. Frank loves listening to high-end Jazz recordings.


Karin enjoys a good religious conspiracy novel. Karin’s Thermomix allows her to develop her culinary skills. Karin loves sports tourism, exploring the world whilst keeping fit.


Benjamin has a passion for cooking, especially spicy vegetarian food. Benjamin plays folk guitar and likes to go to concerts.


Daniel is a Nu Metal bass player. Daniel is an avid chess, E-sports and Dota player. Daniel loves Eastern Europe.


Disha is obsessed with coffee. Disha is a sucker for rom coms. Disha designs sneakers for fun. Disha loves a good HIIT workout.


Suresh is a proud father. Suresh loves traveling. Suresh has a passion for farming and healthy living and eating.


Jérôme is looking out for the next role-playing video game. Jérôme is expanding his collection of Franco-Belgian comics. Jérôme takes a break by drawing pirate ships with his sons.


Ayush is a fashion enthusiast. Ayush’s favourite cuisine is sushi. Ayush is obsessed with Orange Julep. Ayush’s desire is to travel the whole world.


Vincent likes to run, hike, bike and play tennis. Vincent loves a good party with friends. In the kitchen, Vincent makes the best green curry.


Marc has a passion for cycling. Marc enjoys sweet desserts every chance he gets. Marc gets inspired by modern architecture. 


Imelda is passionate about fashion and beauty. Imelda enjoys a good psychological thriller. Imelda’s new-found sporting fix is boxing. Imelda loves Thai food.


Rishik is an avid story consumer, binge watching Netflix whenever he gets the time. Rishik is a cold coffee lover and a technophile.


Hannes loves playing board games and building lego fantasy structures. Hannes likes to play arrangements of rock songs on piano or go for a run. 


Lee is a proud father. Lee loves snowboarding. Lee has a passion for beer and creating it.


Isaac is obsessed with numbers. Isaac grabs a beer every chance he gets. Isaac gets excited about Ethereum. Isaac goes cycling whenever he needs to unwind.


Edmond is obsessed with linguistics. Edmond likes to grow his own herb garden for cooking. Edmond is often found making the perfect morning latte.


Dahlia has no rules on what’s the ingredients while cooking. Historical buildings is her go to while Dahlia is travelling. 4×4 drive & dirt biking is what Dahlia calls FUN.


Sherry is a workout fanatic – boxing, running, golf, you name it. Sherry loves watching Formula 1. Sherry will inhale every dessert humanly possible – sweet tooth things.


Ahmed has a passion for hiking. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, Ahmed’s leaving his footsteps on the soft forest floor.


Aboli is passionate about improving the livelihood of people around her. Nothing inspires Aboli more than just listening to a real time leader. Aboli will go an extra mile just to find the perfect tasting black forest cakes.


Dhrupad is passionate about cooking. Dhrupad loves to listen to A R Rahman music. Dhrupad looks to spend play-time with family.


Eduard is passionate about self-development and Kaizen. Eduard enjoys extreme sports like karting and water-skiing. Eduard finds peace in nature and loves animals.


Corentin recently discovered padel and quickly became an addict. Corentin also loves programming and continually tries to become a better engineer by learning new skills.


Denise loves the outdoors; sunrise hikes & infinity views. Denise is a tastehunter, always exploring Umami secrets. Denise aspires to up her boxing game.


David is crazy about fast cars – racing and motorsport gives him his adrenaline rush. David loves to party hard on Defqon.1 festival.


Sare enjoys travelling. Sare loves meeting new people and trying new things. Sare is always exploring different ways to look at life.


Sambhav loves to believe that everything is possible. Sambhav enjoys travel, street-food, sports & wit. Sambhav is thankful for coffee, speakeasys & friendships while is void of luck in fantasy-football.


Dieter is passionate about 3D graphics. Dieter loves to jam on the drums. Dieter finds inspiration during beautiful mountain hikes and relaxing in a good restaurant.


Dennis is driven by challenges. Dennis will finish an Ironman one day. Dennis is always in for a laugh. Dennis enjoyes a Belgian Triple or a good wine.


Robert is passionate about culture, travel and football. Robert loves AAQUITA and always looks to make the impossible truly possible.


Davy is moved by the magic of the great outdoors. Davy recharges his energy when cycling, both on as offroad. 


Asheera likes thoughtful conversation with her partner. Asheera loves the fresh mountain air when snowboarding. Asheera loves the heat of the ocean and the Sun. Asheera loves game design and programming.


Ben loves playing pool. Ben’s happy place is fly fishing in the outdoors. Ben enjoys local foods everywhere in the world. Ben has a passion for random and useless facts.


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